Piano lessons–What Are They Good For?

Lots of things.

If you or your child is interested in pursuing any type of instrument, piano is a good place to start.  It will give your child a rudimentary understanding of rhythm, note reading, a healthy understanding of the need for practice, and the physical techniques needed to play any instrument.

A few years ago, a study was done to decide which was more important to those playing piano, “nature” (a musician’s natural giftedness) or “nurture” (the learned abilities through practice).

The study concluded that those who practiced 10,000 + hours in their lifetime were the top piano performers.  Those who practiced 5,000 + usually became teachers, and less than that, well, who knows.  The study concluded that natural ability had little to do with the outcome.  It all came down to how much work one put into it.

So what is the point?  You can play piano–you just have to try.

If you are interested in voice or piano lessons or would like more information, please feel free to contact me at 717-884-9697 or e-mail me at anna@themusicalhome.com

If you are interested in lessons, please see informational material and lesson policies below. Lessons are $20.00 for 30 minutes and $35.00 for one hour.

Lesson Policy 2013 (online version) (*PDF)

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