If you’re serious about wanting to sing but have little money, this is for you.

Recently, I’ve had several people get in touch with me, desperately wanting to gain singing skills but having little to no money.  Here are my recommendations for the impecunious wanna-be singer.

  1. Find and join a church choir or two.  Most churches have a choir and they are absolutely free.  This is a good way to begin learning to sing with others, following direction, and learning some musical basics.  Sometimes, you can find a church choir with excellent instruction that can help you on your way to meeting your musical goals. The best thing that you can do is sing, sing, sing.
  2. If you’re not religious, there are community choirs.  Some are free and some require a small fee to join and others only accept auditioned singers. Many of these choirs are good to get you started on the basics.  Again, the best thing that you can do is sing a lot.
  3. If you’re needing to learn about of music theory, there are many online games and tools to learn.
  4. If you are in school or college, join the choir, chorus, or lessons.  Most schools offer them as an elective (thus free, or small fee).
  5. Once you’ve got a little confidence built up, find a few friends and sing at a nursing home.  This is a great way to get experience singing for a more generous crowd and many times, singing through interruptions.
  6. Once you’ve got your musical feet under you, try a tougher crowd: family or friends.  They will most likely give you an honest opinion about your sound: whether good or bad.
  7. If you’re feeling confident, try karaoke with friends.  This too is a great place to build some confidence in performing with little judgment.

There are many more options, but these are the ones that first jump to mind.  Best of luck in your singing adventures!!